Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Job Opportunity: UNODC Consultant (Harm Reduction), Manila, Philippines

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* Open Only To Residents Of Asia And Pacific Countries *

Post TitleDeadline
DOWNLOAD Consultant (Harm Reduction)
Duty Station: Manila, the Philippines
Extended to 26 April 2015

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Agency: UNODC Regional Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific (ROSEAP)
Sub-Programme 5: Drugs and Health and Alternative Development
Description of the assignment: Consultant (Harm Reduction)
Duty Station: Manila, the Philippines
Period of assignment/services: April 2015 to August 2015.

(Please study the TOR and propose number of work days -- but not exceeding 63 days)

Proposal should be submitted by email to RCEAP.Recruitment@unodc.org by 21 April 2015.
Submission deadline is extended to 26 April 2015.

Any request for clarification must be sent by standard electronic communication to the e-mail indicated above. UNODC ROSEAP will respond by standard electronic mail. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

WANTED: WEB DESIGNER - Quezon City Health Department Web Portal


Quezon City Health Department Web Portal

Email CV and portfolio sample works by close of business on April 16, 2015 to:
Ma. Lourdes Ramos
UNAIDS Philippines

Tel: +632 453-1454

A.     Web Development and Content Management of Quezon City Health Department Web Portal

B.      Project Description 

a)       Quezon City aims to provide quality service which will make the city an ideal community where people live, work, and do business in a hospitable, progressive and peaceful environment. This aim includes health and HIV services. True to its mission, in 2013 it has accelerated its HIV response by expanding its HIV programs which included setting up a male-friendly HIV clinic that is accessible from morning until midnight. This clinic, now known as the Klinika Bernardo, was recognized by the President of the Philippines as one of the 2014 Top Ten outstanding Local Government initiatives and Mayor Herbert Bautista was awarded with a 2014 Galing Pook award for Governance.

To further ensure availability and accessibility of HIV services of Quezon City, five (5) HIV clinics and other support services, including that of Klinika Bernardo, the Quezon City Health Department , as encouraged by Mayor Bautista, further aimed at actively and widely promoting its services using quad-media.  Currently, QC has an active website (http://www.quezoncity.gov.ph/) but there is no page or portal devoted for its HIV services.

The QCHD has requested support from UNAIDS to help them in web development and content management of QC’s HIV Program Web Portal, to be uploaded either as sub-domain or webpages of QC Official Website.

In consultation with Quezon City’s Administration and WEB TEAM Communications Coordination Center (CCC), QCHD agreed to expand the request of building not only an HIV Web Portal but a QC Heath Department Website covering all health programs. 

Currently, the QC website only contains the following about the QCHD: Procedures in the application for 1) Health Certificate, and 2) Sanitary Permit; Downloadable Form for Application for PhilHealth Membership

b)       The contractor would provide 3 primary services given this engagement: (i) design and development of QC Health Department Program Web Portal; (ii) Populate and activate the HIV Program Web Portal, and (iii) content management, including troubleshooting services on demand;

c)       The stakeholders of this undertaking would be the Philippine or Quezon City general public.  It would also serve as the knowledge management tool of the QC health department particularly the program managers and staff.

C.      Scope of Work

a)       Working closely with the QC HIV Program Coordinator, UNAIDS SI Adviser, and the WEB TEAM Communications Coordination Center Coordinator, the contractor will:
§  Create a new QC Health Department Program Web Portal
§  Design a visually appealing website that has a unified theme and design, and easy to navigate
§  Design the new interface, design concepts for new web pages, sections, and their supporting graphical elements (photos, animations, audio and video)
§  Create/customize an open source and reliable Content Management System (CMS) that will permit non-technical staff to instantly update web site content, add modules or sections, which offers optimized platform interoperability with different browsers like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. 
§  Turn-over to the assigned QC website manager and provide website management manual
§  Provide search capabilities using key words or phrasing that will identify content throughout the site
§  Incorporate the following capabilities to the website:
o    Embedded discussion forum tied to a Mailing List
o    Online library
o    Photo album
o    Administrator and user-level access
§  Implement a tracking application to produce user defined site log reports to measure web visitor behavior and improve website performance and availability
§  Support revisions and implements the corresponding adjustments of the QCHD Program Web Portal and in QC social media platforms

b)       The QCHD Program Web Portal will be organized, but not limited to, as follows:
§  Home page
o    News, Updates, and Upcoming events
o    Publications and Resources
o    Additional Tabs - to be identified by QCHD and QCCCC

§  Program Webpages (Sample for HIV Program)
o    News, Updates, and Upcoming events linked to QCHD Homepage
o    Timeline – containing key historical timeline of the QC HIV Response
o    Partners – the web of QC HIV program partners including the network of service providers (directory)
o    Services – the complete list of HIV services in QC including contact information
o    Publications and Resources Download Page – key documents available for public use and linked to QCHD Main Publications and Resources
o    Photos
o    iReport – page with link to the complaint/issue page using the iMonitor application (mobile phone-based and web-based links)
o    HIV epidemic profile of QC
o    Interactive graphs and tables about HIV

D.      Expected Outputs and Deliverables

The deliverables of this engagement are as follows: 

Deliverables/ Outputs


Target Due Dates

Review and Approvals Required
Web design and layout (including review and revisions)
Apr 20 – May 5, 2015
May 5, 2015
Content Management Training
May 7-9, 2015

Technical support of 5 person-days (i.e. for consultation/visit) within 2015

E.       Institutional Arrangement

The contractor would directly communicate and coordinate with UNAIDS in presenting the progress of its web design, layout and programming for the QCHD Program Web Portal. 

F.      Duration of the Work

a)       Web development, layout and programming for the pertained web portal would be undertaken within 3 weeks upon commencement of the contract. 

b)       Training and technical support for content management and maintenance would be made available to the client within 2015. 

H.     Qualifications of the Successful Contractor

a)       At least 5 years’ experience in web design and development, preferably using open source technologies
b)       Knowledge of the web standards
c)       Technical knowledge on emerging internet technology and trends

I.       Scope of Price Proposal and Schedule of Payments

Deliverables and corresponding payment schedule are further shown below:
The contractor shall submit the following, subject to approval:

Deliverables for the Web Design
Indicative Dates
3 design studies
April 23, 2015
Alpha version
April 27, 2015
Beta version
April 29, 2015
Omega version
May 1, 2015
Final version
May 5, 2015
Guide Manual
May 7, 2015

Progress billing would be as follows:
Contract signing                   :               20%
Design approval                   :               20%
Go Live                                   :               35%

J.       Criteria for Selection of the Best Offer

1.       Capability
a.        Web Development
2.       Web design and development capability
a.        Knowledge of web standards
b.       Knowledge of latest web technologies and trends
c.        Web application programming
3.       Years of experience
a.        Client base

K. Immediate Requirement from Interested Applicants

Email CV and portfolio sample works by close of business on April 16, 2015 to:
Ma. Lourdes Ramos
UNAIDS Philippines

Tel: +632 453-1454