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Friday, April 13, 2012

Call for Proposals: Conduct of PNAC M&E Training

Terms of Reference (TOR)

Training on National Monitoring and Evaluation
 Philippine National Aids Council M&E Working Group and selected M&E Officers of AMTP5 Priority Sites


I.          Rationale

In 2010, the Philippine National AIDS Council (PNAC) formalized the creation of the national M&E Working Group (MEWG) through a PNAC resolution (2010-05). The MEWG is composed of officially designated M&E officers from each PNAC member agencies. In the same year, a National M&E Assessment was also conducted. Among the major issues found was the lack of M&E capacity among MEWG members. To address this, the PNAC Secretariat conducted a series of capacity building activities for the MEWG in 2011. The trainings conducted were Basic M&E Courses which include development of agency action plans on HIV with corresponding agency monitoring and evaluation plans.

To further strengthen the capacity of the MEWG, and as part of the implementation of the AMTP5 M&E Plan, a series of advance courses on M&E will be conducted in 2012. In addition, Basic M&E courses will be offered to interested participants prioritizing M&E officers of Local AIDS Councils (LAC) in the sites highly burdened with HIV e.g. Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao or those prioritized in the 5th AMTP.

The project will be co-funded by the PNAC Secretariat and UNAIDS Philippines as part of implementing the M&E capacity building program under the AMTP5 National M&E Plan. .

II.        Objective

The objective of this project is to ensure that strategic information on HIV are available from and utilized by the members of the PNAC and LACs through building the monitoring and evaluation capacities of the PNAC-MEWG and LAC. Specifically, the training participants are expected to develop their skills in the development, management, and utilization of M&E tools relevant to the HIV programmes of their agencies or councils.

To implement this activity, PNAC Secretariat seeks the assistance of an organization which could develop the M&E training curriculum, conduct, manage, document and evaluate at least three trainings on M&E.

III.       Tasks and deliverables

The organization to be contracted is expected to:
1.      Develop a training curriculum for Basic and Advance M&E Courses
2.      Conduct, document the proceedings, and evaluate the trainings

The following outputs are expected to be delivered by the contracting organization:
1.      Basic M&E Course Curriculum
2.      Advance M&E Course Curriculum
3.      Training evaluation report
4.      Workshop proceedings which will include the workshop process and the participants edited outputs and their directory
5.      End-of-project Report

As support, the PNAC Secretariat will assist on the following:
1.      Coordinate with the speakers and facilitators
2.      Arrange for all logistics involved in the trainings: follow-up on invitation; arrange for travel, venue, accommodation and meals.
3.      Organize the participants’ kits
4.      Provide technical support to speakers and moderators, as needed
5.      Ensure a smooth flow of the logistics

IV.       Duration

The contracting organization will be engaged from June 1, 2012 to November 30, 2012. The following schedule has been tentatively set:
1.      Training 1 (Basic M&E) – June 3-7, 2012
2.      Training 2 (Advance M&E) – July 9-13, 2012
3.      Training 3 (either Basic or Advance M&E) – October 8-12, 2012

V.        Delivery Dates and Delivery of Work

1.      Basic M&E Curriculum by June 1, 2012
2.      Advance M&E Curriculum by July 1, 2012
3.      Training Documentation Report – 15 days after the last day of each training
4.      Training Evaluation Report – 15 days after the last day of each training

 VII.    Management Arrangements

The contracting organization will be under the supervision of the Dr. Joselito Feliciano, PNAC M&E Officer, and will work in close collaboration with the PNAC M&E Working Group in the conduct of its work.  Administrative support will be provided by the PNAC Secretariat. Mr. Zimmbodilion Mosende, UNAIDS M&E Adviser will act as co-supervisor.

VIII.    Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/Experience Required

Interested applicants should have:
  • At least 10 years relevant experience in developing and conducting trainings on monitoring and evaluation in the past 10 years
  • Strong understanding and knowledge of HIV and AIDS and development issues, an advantage
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English

IX.       Immediate Requirement from the Consultant/consulting institute

Submit a Project Proposal by April 27, 2012 to:
Dr. Jojo Feliciano
M&E Officer, PNAC Secretariat

Phone: +63-2-743-0512