Friday, November 29, 2013

Resource Mobilization for Local HIV Response , the case of Quezon City

UNAIDS Philippines partnered with The Library Foundation (TLF), an MSM advocacy group, to strengthen local governance capacity of key affected populations to work with local governments in six Category A cities (cities with highest reported new HIV infection). 

The interactive workshop from 26 to 29 November 2013 on “Bridging the divide between the HIV response and good local governance” involved local political mapping, development of HIV-supportive local policies/ordinances and budget advocacy to increase funding for its local HIV response through the bottom-up budget initiative of the government's Local Poverty Reduction Program (LPRP).  

Quezon City (QC) shared how it assessed the resource needs of the city, developed an investment plan, and managed to secure additional P11 million ($275,000) from LPRP for its local AIDS response focused on MSM services. Historically, QC allocates only P5 million annually.

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