Tuesday, May 24, 2011

UN Philippines observes International AIDS Candlelight Memorial: 25 May 2011, RCBC Plaza Lobby, Makati City

Dear colleagues,

The Annual International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is observed worldwide every third Sunday in May. The yearly event, coordinated worldwide by the Global Health Council, remembers the lives lost to AIDS, demonstrates support for the People Living with HIV, and mobilizes community-based responses to HIV and AIDS. In the Philippines, the practice has been to hold this event within the month of May.

The United Nations in the Philippines observes this international event on 25 May 2011 (Wednesday); 9:00 am- 6:00 pm at the RCBC Plaza Lobby. In line with the year’s theme of “Touching Lives”, the event will feature two small exhibits: 1) photo and audio exhibit of “Human Soul”; and 2) Project Headshot Clinic.

A number of NGOs active in AIDS response will also be around together with volunteers mobilized by the UNV to explain the exhibit and hand out HIV related information in the Philippines.

In this regard, we would appreciate your support by getting your colleagues and friends to visit the exhibit.

Description of Exhibits:

"HUMAN SOUL": A Multi-media Exhibit on the Fights Against Discrimination
"These are common Filipinos you might have seen on the streets, without giving them a second glance. Whether elegant transsexuals, or discreet gays, as well as courageous HIV-positive individuals, they are daily victims of an invisible and non-punishable crime: discrimination.

When you look at their eyes and listen to their voices, remember that these persons could be you parent, your sibling, your child or your friend. But this person could also be you. Because discrimination doesn't only happen to others."

Project Headshot Clinic (HSC) is a brand new concept that merges profile photos online and advertising as we see campaigns, advertisements, and advocacies may easily be conveyed through our unique digitized headshots, online profile photos can be potential online billboards. Its major components are: registration, mass shooting, and mass uploading on social network web sites (as profile photo), which make HSC an effective and creative marketing tool. HSC creates curiosity and impact to those who are not yet aware or part of it.

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