Monday, January 18, 2010

The UN stands as one in solidarity with people affected by Haiti Earthquake

As part of the United Nations family, UNAIDS stands in solidarity with the people affected by the devastating earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince on Tuesday.

“My heartfelt sympathies are with the people of Haiti in these difficult times,” said Mr Michel SidibĂ©, UNAIDS Executive Director. “As the UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki moon has said, the international community must support Haiti during this crisis and in the long term.”

At this time a well coordinated response is critical, and the United Nations is working closely with governments and civil society organizations to provide the best possible assistance to the Haitian people. Unity is needed from the international community to offer relief supplies and aid to people suffering injury and trauma following the quake.

The United Nations family too has been affected by the earthquake. The UNAIDS office in Haiti has been damaged and efforts are on to ascertain the safety of staff.

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