Thursday, May 21, 2009

UN Secretary-General meets HIV positive UN staff members

Members of UN Plus, UN Secretary-General and the UNAIDS Executive Director gathered for a meeting in Geneva on 20 May 2009. Credit: UNAIDS/P. Virot

The United Nations Secretary-General Mr Ban Ki-moon held a meeting in Geneva with HIV positive UN staff members and the UNAIDS Executive Director. The staff are part of a UN system-wide advocacy group called UN Plus which was set up in 2005 to promote the rights of HIV-positive staff and provide peer support.

Addressing the group, the Secretary-General reiterated his support to UN Plus and acknowledged his pride in the commitment and strength of its members. UN Plus first met with Mr Ban in 2007, a meeting he described as “one of the most moving experiences of my life,” and today’s meeting was an opportunity for the group to update the UN Secretary-General on progress made and to request his continued support.

UN Plus Coordinator Bhatupe Mhango expressed her appreciation for work the Secretary-General has done in advocating for the rights of HIV positive people evidenced by his many meetings with people living with HIV when on official travel around the world.

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