Wednesday, July 11, 2007

AIDS in the Philippines - SNAPSHOT

Since the country’s first reported AIDS case in 1984, the National AIDS Registry of the Department of Health has recorded a cumulative total of 2,857 HIV and AIDS cases as of May 2007. Almost half (47%) were detected in the last 6 years (2001-2006). Majority of HIV cases hit Filipino adults during their peak economically productive years (58% were aged 25-39 years old). All modes of transmission have already been reported, but sexual means remains to be the most common (87%). Returning overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) account for about 35% of reported cases (or as high as 46% in 2001-2005). It should be noted, however, that HIV antibody testing is systematically conducted among OFWs as part of the employment requirements of the employer and/or the host country.

Compared to the monthly average in the last 5 years (2001-2005) which was 16 per month, the AIDS Registry showed an average of 26 new HIV cases per month for 2006. As early as May 2006 the total HIV cases have already exceeded that of 2005. The first 5 months of 2007 showed the highest monthly average to date, 27 new HIV cases per month.

Download the 3-page snapshot here.

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