Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wanggo Gallaga, "I would randomly chat with someone, agree to meet and have sex"

Source: IRIN PlusNews - Global HIV/AIDS news and analysis

When Wanggo Gallaga, 29, a Filipino writer from the capital, Manila and the son of a critically acclaimed film director, publicly announced he was HIV positive, it sent a powerful message that anyone can get HIV. 

The national adult HIV prevalence is less than 0.1 percent in a population of 90 million, making the Philippines a low-incidence country, but since the 1990s, only two people have publicly admitted having the virus. Wanggo spoke to IRIN/PlusNews shortly after disclosing his HIV status on national television.

"I became sexually active when I was 17, and had my first boyfriend. When it ended, I realised that after being involved with someone at such a young age, I didn't know how to go out and meet people. I didn't know how to date.

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